We provide fully integrated solutions for unique legal vehicle identification in the form of license plates, license plate decals and windshield decals. Our emphasis is on customer service, personal consultation and providing design that is aesthetically pleasing while maintaining real world functionality. Combined with state of the art materials and manufacturing we offer a single source supply for all of your vehicle licensing identification requirements.


Most projects begin with personal consultation and information gathering in order to provide our clients with the best possible experience as well as product. We can also offer consultation as a service in order to identify any needs or shortcomings in your current system. We can also discuss how you may use license plates as a revenue generator or fund raiser. Feel free to contact us to discuss how MVLS can assist your organization’s needs.


License plate and decal design is a unique and technical process that fills an aesthetic, a technical requirement and often a legal obligation. MVLS has designed many legal plates and is well aware of the visual information systems that make license plates fill their intended purpose. With this foundation of best practice we then can add the imagery, decor or iconography you may need. This includes the demarcation of different departments or divisions within your organization or having strong visual cues for products that have a fixed lifetime where expiry is an issue.

Where there is no legal requirement but strong visual imagery is required we are more than pleased to offer our full on design service. License plates are great souvenirs, fund raising tools or mementos for events. Being an extremely collectable item, license plates can be made even more so with stunning visuals, unique presentation while still giving the appearance of a “real” license plate.


Premium products begin with premium materials. MVLS utilizes only application specific materials that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. With many years of fulfilling the technical requirements as defined by our clients, our products are fully warranteed and inspected prior to shipment.

With most of our substrates being sourced from 3M, you are ensured the reliability and dependability that is synonomous with this famous brand. Our reflective products, including license plates and decals, have long lasting, vibrant color combined with industry leading photo metrics. Their visibility and safety characteristics are unrivaled.

We have the ability to sequentially number or otherwise define your license plates using traditional emboss methods or printed characters and icons. A combination of the two is also possible as are custom emboss shapes and artwork that add both unique appearance and counterfeit protection to your product.

Our decals come in a variety of styles and can include theft protection (self-destruct traits), removability, sequential numbering and even inside reverse properties that allow decals to be applied inside a window and be read from the outside, inside or both.

With such a wide range of physical products, options and possibilities we recommend contacting us to discuss your individual requirements.